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Welcome to my fan site for the Canadian singer/songwriter best known simply as Dalbello!

Unfortunately, it appears that the service I used to re-direct from the easy-to-remember "dalbello.4x2.net" to this site is no longer in existence.  In addition, many of the guestbook entries were housed through that same service, so they appear to be lost as well.  From now on, please use "dalbello.synthasite.com" to access the fan site.  I have changed the link on the wikipedia page to reflect this, so hopefully any of you who link to this page can change your links as well.  Thank you!

Thanks go to David Connell for the heads-up!
Ms. Dalbello sang the theme song that plays during
the title sequence for the 1983 television movie:
The Sins of Dorian Gray
(watch below)
*** As of May 25, 2011, the album "Pretty Girls" is available on CD for the very first time as an import from Japan!!!

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Theme from "The Sins of Dorian Gray"
sung by Lisa Dalbello

"TANGO" in HD from 1987's SHE:

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 I have transferred all of the Guest Book Comments from the previous homepage to the current Guest Book you'll find at the bottom of your browser (if you don't see it, click here).


"Something's Happening Here",
a Michael Koren song for EXPO '86
(thanks to Trevor Jensen for posting it):

Robert Palmer & Lisa Dalbello were featured on jazz musician Hugh Marsh's 1987 album Shaking The Pumpkin on the social commentary track "Rules Are Made To Be Broken," taking turns reciting Nazi cultural rules defining what types of music were permissible.

Special performances of "Tango" & "Talk To Me" uploaded at YouTube from 1987; now added to Videos page

You can preview right here...


BELLO-QUOTE of the month
October 2011

" ... i'm like a hungry criminal,
and your protection is minimal... "

("Gonna Get Close To You")


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I would like to create a MIDI page of Dalbello songs spanning her career...

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To listen to my own instrumental cover of Dalbello's "whore" from 2004
...click on the button below...

(NOTE: If you download this cover and would like to post or share it anywhere, you have my permission under the conditions that you include a link to this site as well as give credit to the proper songwriter, Lisa Dalbello!)

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Pages for Links, Biography and more rare/impossible-to-find songs! 
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